Buy products with cryptocurrencies

By paying for your shopping directly with digital currencies, you can avoid intermediaries, saving both time and money. In one place, you have access to a variety of products and services from verified sellers.

Purchases from verified sellers

You do not need to be afraid of extortions or unfair sellers. Each seller of OMS acts legally in their country and we verified them in person.

No need of currency conversion

You do not need to exchange the cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies yourself. In this way you can save time and the fees are minimized to the necessary amounts.

Security and guarantee of transactions

Payments in OneMillionShop are simple, fast and safe. Digital currencies that we chooses to perform payments are verified by us in terms of security, so that any risk is maximally minimized.

Do you want to pay for your shopping with cryptocurrencies?
It pays off!

Shopping with OneMillion


of cryptocurrency for the purchased goods to a seller with OneMillionShop (COMMISSION)

…Is that all?

Skipping the intermediaries does not only mean saving money, but time as well!

Traditional shopping


of cryptocurrency to an online exchange office (COMMISSION)


of cryptocurrency for a traditional currency (COMMISSION)


of FIAT currency to a bank account (COMMISSION)


a transfer for the purchased goods to a seller (COMMISSION)

Advantages of doing the shopping
at OneMillionShop:

The possibility of paying with digital currencies from any place in the world

No matter where you are right now, you can pay for your shopping at OneMillionShop with your cryptocurrencies! You just need your digital wallet to be connected to the Internet.

Buying from verified sellers

Each product available at OneMillionShop comes from a seller verified in terms of reliability and credibility so you can be certain that you are not buying a big in a poke.

No exchange risk

Cryptocurrencies that you use to pay for your shopping are immediately and automatically exchanged into traditional currencies with a built-in payment processor so that you can be sure that the seller will receive all the amount paid for the goods.

Security of transactions

In OneMillionShop we choose for payments such currencies that are secure and have high liquidity. Bitcoin or Ethereum are among the most popular.

Simplicity and transparency

Shopping at our platform is pure pleasure. You can fill up your cart with goods in a few moments and then finalize the transaction.

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