Sell you goods and services with cryptocurrencies

The number of users paying for their shopping with digital currencies is steadily growing The daily market turnover of up to $100 million keeps attracting more and more entrepreneurs. Thanks to our platform you will reach a whole new group of customers who are giving up the traditional payment methods and choosing new solutions. Being a seller, you also have the possibility of purchasing goods through our platform without opening a new account.

Open a free account

Access to OneMillionShop platform is free of charge. Moreover, until the end of 2020 you can sell your goods and services without commission.

Add sales offers

The process of posting offers on OneMillionShop platform is easy and clear. You can make your offer available to the digital currency holders within a few minutes!

Choose your method of payment

Seller chooses the preferred form of payment for their goods or services. It can be a digital currency transferred to your built-in electronic wallet or a traditional currency transferred to a given bank account.

Open a company account

The process of opening an account is fast and simple. Remember to choose the account type when your register - Company Account and provide a valid phone number to which a verification code will be sent.

Verify your account

In order to publish your offer, you need to fill in your company data in the profile and verify it by sending scanned documents or transferring 4 PLN from your company bank account. It is important for the transfer to be sent from the same account number that was provided in the profile.

Add a sales offer

After we verify your account in OneMillionShop, you will gain access to the seller’s panel, where you can easily and quickly add offers by providing such information as the title and product category, its photos and the price. Remember - the more interesting the description and the more attractive the photos, the bigger the chance to sell the product.

Import your products

If you are using e-commerce plugins, such as WooCommerce, you can quickly import all your offers.

Follow the statistics of your offers

In the seller’s panel, you have access to all your offers - active, finished and those saved as a draft. You can see which of your products have the biggest number of views and which ones are most often purchased.

Enjoy selling your product!

When your product gets sold, you will receive a text message to the phone number provided during registration and an email message with the order details. The resources taken from the customer in a form of digital currency, depending on your choice, will be immediately sent to your digital wallet or will be automatically exchanged into a traditional currency and sent to you within 24 hours.

Sent your product to the customer

In the email message and in the seller’s panel you will find the contact details and the customer’s, where the product should be sent.

Follow the global trends

In Feburary 2019, the turnover in the e-commerce market exceeded the value of traditional sales market. Each entrepreneur who aims at consistent increase of their products sale must search for new sales channels and follow the global trends. Online sales is such a trend, as well as accepting payments in digital currencies.


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