Digital currencies a new trend in e-commerce

Innovative methods of payment - digital currencies are revolutionizing the e-commerce market right now. The sale of products and services online is rapidly growing and now, thanks to new methods have a great impact on the future of e-commerce.

New Place

OneMillionShop is an innovative global sales channel with a rapidly growing group of customers. It enables purchasing goods and services with cryptocurrencies.

New technology

The use of digital currencies in transactions makes this platform not only fast but also extremely safe. Low transaction fees are an additional advantage for a constantly growing group of customers.

New Possibilities

OneMillionShop is a part of a bigger ecosystem where the user may not only sell and purchase products using digital currencies or exchange their cryptocurrencies but also gain profits from recommendations.

The idea to create a place for those who own digital currencies around the world and for companies offering their products and services came to life at the end of 2015. We then noticed a huge potential that shopping online with the use of cryptocurrencies can give. Thanks to that we can show the world that they are not only used for speculation on exchanges but also provide greater opportunities. In this way we ant to promote knowledge about the currency of the future and make it a widely recognizable and associated with safe, fast and broadly available means of legal tender.

There was a long way from the idea and willingness to launching a global sales platform. Through market and customer needs analyses we came to the conclusions that have paid off now, as a pioneer and, at the same time, well-thought sales platform.

Those few years allowed us to change the idea into a unique product in a global scale. This is how OneMillionShop was born.

One Million Shop is the only place of that kind on the Internet. You can buy here products and services using cryptocurrencies as a payment method. If you are a seller, you can settle your goods or services in cryptocurrencies or traditionally.

If you are a buyer, you can purchase them without the need to exchange cryptocurrencies into the traditional legal tenders. Let’s release the potential of cryptocurrencies together: buy and sell without limits!


OneMillionShop brings plenty of benefits

  • Innovative sales channel

    OneMillionShop can reach a new group of customers around the world, including the people who receive their salaries in cryptocurrencies. OneMillionShop was created with them and their needs in mind. Now, thanks to our efforts, they have been given a possibility to buy the goods and services using a digital currency without the need to exchange it and bear additional transaction costs. Lower goods prices also attract a group of people from outside the cryptocurrency industry, who just want to buy cheaper. If you are an entrepreneur, you know too well how important development is. Searching for new sales channels for your products is necessary to gradually increase the sales in your company. OneMillionShop is a perfect place to do it, as its potential, possibilities and customers are still growing.

  • Modern and safe payment method

    In OneMillionShop we use cryptocurrencies to settle payments. Transactions executed with digital currencies are faster, safer and most importantly cheaper. Despite the fact that the most common currency nowadays is electronic money, we do observe s strong growing trend in the popularity of digital currencies. They are not based on trust but on a cryptographic database, spread on the computers around the world. We use innovations in payments in order to respond to the market and consumers needs.

  • Possibility to join the group “Early Adopters”

    The first digital currency was created almost 10 years ago which makes the cryptocurrency industry a very young one. Despite this fact, it is developing at an amazing pace and each day new entrepreneurs start to use this innovative method of payment in their business. If you sell your goods or services online, you have a chance to join this group and open a new group of customers by using this innovative technology.

  • Simplicity and transparency

    OneMillionShop platform is highly intuitive. Adding an offer or doing the shopping is easy and does not require being an expert. Thanks to that everyone can create their own online shop. There are six major categories at the moment: motors, electronics, house and garden, sports and leisure, services and properties so that each verified entrepreneur can offer their products or services and the user can easily find what they are interested in.

  • Shopping only from verified sellers

    Each seller who wants to offer their products in OneMillionShop is carefully verified. Thanks to that the opportunities of abuse are reduced to a minimum. The customers can be certain that the goods they ordered will reach them on time and will be no different from the specification presented in the offer.

  • Earning through recommendations

    OneMillionShop platform also offers a partnership program. Each user can recommend new shops in exchange for a commission from the purchase of a subscription and a commission from the goods sold in that store. Moreover, each partner is obliged to spend 50% of the amount earned from commission on OMS platform, which guarantees a constant flow of customer as the shop offer increases.

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